The Dance of Life Mind and Body Relaxation (Digital MP3 Download

Part of the Dance of Life Music Series by Sean DiMaria, this CD is designed to facilitate emotional, physical and mental relaxation. Guided meditation is complimented by the sounds of a beautiful classical guitar.
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The Dance of Life Series presents...

The Mind and Body Relaxation CD is designed to promote physical,emotional and mental relaxation.  This meditation music CD contains twoenergy meditations; the first focuses on slowly relaxing the mind andthe second on relaxing the body. The guided meditations may be donetogether or separately and combine creative visualization, positivedaily affirmations, and soothing peace-filled music.

These intentional energy meditations are complimentary to otherrelaxation techniques for stress management and will help you be atpeace, increase good health and facilitate a deeper connection to life.Original classical guitar compositions accompany the guided meditationsand visualizations to help the mind and body to enter a deeper state ofmindfulness and relaxation.

Listen to samples of Mind and Body Relaxation.

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Mind And Body Relaxation

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