In addition to our Macrobiotic Counseling, Dynamic Health Classes and Events, Bodywork Therapy, and Nutrition Services, we are proud to offer a wide variety of tools to help you achieve optimum health, vitality, and joy of life.

  • Natural Health and Macrobiotic Books
  • Meditation and Music CD\'s
  • Macrobiotic Cooking DVD\'s
  • Energizing Exercises DVD\'s
  • Relaxation Products
  • Natural Health Resources
  • Digital Downloads and e-Books
  • Inspirational and Ecological Materials
  • Whole Foods & Macrobiotic Cookbooks

Great Life Global Cooking Classes and Miscellaneous PurchasesIf you have pre-registered for one of our upcoming cooking classes you can use the button below to pay your registration fees. This button can also be used to complete miscellaneous purchases that you have discussed with the Great Life Global Team. Please follow this link to paypal and submit your payment.

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Cooking Classes & Miscellaneous Purchases

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