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It is with deep sadness that I tell you that our beloved Lino passed away peacefully in my arms at home of natural causes on December 20. Lino was 91 years of age and would have been 92 in February. Besides being a loving father, grandfather and husband, he was a respected teacher, counselor, and friend to many worldwide.  


Lino, with his strong positive energy and attitude made him a joy to his family, students, friends, and readers. He dedicated his life to bringing greater wellness to people worldwide through macrobiotics and natural health. Lino loved people and he loved life. His intelligence, knowledge, intuition, vibrancy, and joy of life were all pure happiness for him and those around him.  


Lino was a World War II survivor in Nazi occupied Istria, Italy and later, the Communist government that renamed his country Yugoslavia. After immigrating to America, Lino served in the US Army in Korea as Acting Sergeant. When he returned home, he and his lovely wife, Claire, welcomed their beautiful daughter, Janet, who is now a dedicated professional and devoted mother and grandmother of two. The family owned and operated Italian restaurants, including Lenny’s (Lino’s) Pizzeria in New Jersey.


After discovering the life-enhancing, balanced, ecological macrobiotic way of eating and living, Lino finally found the health and vitality for which he was searching. He soon developed a fulfilling professional life as a Certified Macrobiotic Counselor, Licensed Nutritionist, author, Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in Shiatsu, and an International Qi Gong instructor. Lino and I greatly enjoyed traveling throughout America, Europe, and the Caribbean, meeting you wonderful people and spreading natural health knowledge.


Some said they thought Lino would live forever. I believe that Lino’s spirit, teaching, and love will live forever. We never “lose” a loved one, because they live in our hearts and memories always. It is our belief that our loved one’s soul, their spiritual energy, is eternal. 


Lino was a “Force of Nature,” living fully each day, up at six o’clock, cooking, savoring and seizing life, its organic feast, and its natural beauty. He truly loved life and he loved people and animals. Yes, “Lino’s life was a blessing.”




The heartfelt tributes for Lino sent to me and those posted on his Facebook page show how much he was loved and admired worldwide. My heart is heavy with grief, yet I believe Lino's soul lives on and that he is at peace with God and the many loving spirits that embrace him always. 


With Eternal Love to Lino and Gratitude to You All, 



We Are Always One Forever ~
Michio and Aveline Kushi were two of Lino’s deeply respected and revered teachers of macrobiotics, along with George Ohsawa, Herman and Cornelia Aihara, Naboru Muramoto, and Shizuko Yamamoto. Their teachings and guidance transformed and saved Lino’s life, extending it over fifty years. Macrobiotics became Lino’s dedicated work for his long life, a Great Life.

The following is a meditation and prayer from Michio:



Lenny Jacobs and Becky Cannon presented a very meaningful Tibetan Buddhist Ceremony, Sukhavati, especially for Lino at their home in January.        Also, thank you, Lenny, for Lino’s great black hat!


From John Belleme

Research Biologist, Author, with wife, Jan

Co-Founder, Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise with Sandy Pukel

Co-Founder MISO MASTER, World’s Largest Miso Company



I met Lino in Boston Commons in 1976. He was helping Ken Burns with a wild food foraging class. I was new to macrobiotics and I was impressed by the way Lino could relate any topic or subject to macrobiotics. As the years went by, I had many opportunities to talk to Lino and learn from him. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge and wisdom. His voice was calming and soothing. The more I listened to Lino, the more the world made sense. His sense of humor was infectious. Who else but Lino could teach a class in laughing and singing? Although Lino could be very serious, he brought a lightness to his classes and lectures. Lino was a macrobiotic treasure. The community will not fully recover the loss of this great macrobiotic philosopher.




Macrobiotic Gourmet Chef and Teacher


Lino was one of my favorite teachers. He was not only incredibly knowledgeable, but compassionate, and oh, so funny! I had read his book, but he was even lovelier in person - he had a certain vibrancy about him, a twinkle in his eyes. Lino really walked his talk. I admired how committed he was to his health and how he took care of his body. I will miss chewing with Lino, going for walks, hearing him lecture. Lino became not only my teacher, but my friend, for which I have been deeply grateful.


Lino often said, “The purpose of life is to connect with other souls.”

I am so grateful that I was able to connect with Lino.







Lino was my initial macrobiotic counselor in 1996 when I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Lino was one of the most well-known and learned macrobiotic (and life) counselors and teachers of all time, in my opinion. How lucky I was to have found him!  


Every time that I type the word “Lino” on my computer, the spell check changes it to “Lion!” For thirty years I have left it this way rather than correct the spell check, because I get such a great laugh out of it.


 Lino was, and in my mind always will be, a Lion.


He was a great, roaring, huge, loud, cuddly and purring, giant lion of a man, with the biggest heart that I have ever experienced. He was strong. And could be very stern. Yet he was also soft and huggable. He was the lion of all lions.


My understanding of the power of the multi-dimensional approach to health, and of the vastness of the Oriental Medicine based macrobiotic wisdom expanded greatly. For these valuable life lessons and sacred memories, I thank Lino The Lion from the depths of my heart.


I know that Lino The Lion, and his huge heart, will always be with me, speaking to me from the beyond, sending me subtle little messages, and guiding me.

Gayle Stolove, Graduate, Kushi Institute

With Jaime Parra, Providers of Wholly Macro Food Service




Lino’s strength and intention of his spirit had a lasting impact on me. In his smile and laughter, I saw someone utterly committed to triumphing over the darkness that is the source of suffering in this world. His presence gave people that hope.  And his message remains as a great blessing to the world.
Tom Monte, Author


All the best and with love to Lino, wherever he is frolicking now. My heart is open to you now with enormous love and support. I hold you in the space of Lino‘s expansion.


Ginat Rice, Israel

The Rice House ~  Online Seminars and Cooking Klatches


Lino, YOU are one of a kind. How rich we are to have had you in our lives as one of our greatest mentors, teachers, and best of all an inspiring and extraordinary friend that we called our “Macro Dad.” You were always a phone call away whenever we needed your expertise on keeping our family healthy. And when we didn’t call, we would ask ourselves, “What would Lino do?” We know that we will continue to ask this to ourselves until we meet again. Thank you for being so genuinely kind, caring, loving and compassionate. Godspeed, our dearest Lino. We love and miss you with all our hearts!

Tom and Debi Athos

Natural Lifestyle Online Market, Asheville, NC


Lino was one of the best macrobiotic teachers I knew. He was my role model in many things. He delighted and charmed me so much, he had a very good charisma, which simply attracts a person. Lino was for me the only macrobiotic teacher who had so many similarities with Ohsawa, besides that he looked the best.


While writing this short comment, tears came to my eyes. I couldn't hold them back, as if there is some telepathic connection between our souls.


The world lost a great man and I lost a great and dear friend. It was a great honor and a special privilege to be in his company. I think everyone else who knew him has the same feeling. I have such a good feeling that we will meet again, because people like Lino cannot be forgotten.

Zarko Covic, Germany and Croatia



Salt of the earth

from bedrock to bedrock flows

the fertile mud of spring

coaxing tender green shoots

tongues reaching to the sun

we wait, and we marvel

days, months, years, a lifetime

at the miracle of grain

for the sustenance it brings

and, so, too, a life, such as yours

sprung forth in the ravaged landscape

of an east european occupation,

yet finding bedrock, reaching

up through the grassy mud

reaching, always reaching for the sun

and we marvel, as we give

a deep bow of love & gratitude

for days, months, years, lifetimes

we have been blessed to share

the fine ripened wisdom, heart and soul

of one so overflowing

with the Yes, Yes, Yes of Life


Michael Arbuckle

Poet, Storyteller, Artist



Alex and Danka Jack of Planetary Health presented a

Tribute to Lino Stanchich at their recent Winter Conference. Noted macrobiotic teachers, authors, and friends share amazing remembrances. 




Watch for “Macrobiotics Today,” the free online magazine’s tribute to

Lino Stanchich, Spring 2024 and on-going issues of vital information.
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Lino completed the exciting and inspiring autobiography of his early life with his strong, loving family in the idyllic Istrian-Italian countryside. Lessons of nature, animals, health, spirituality, and strength were seeded here. The inspiring book eloquently relays Lino’s courageous World War II Partisan participation, along with his miraculous survival from both Nazi and Communist tyranny. These cherished memories, including his triumphant immigration to America, are shared in Lino’s unique book.

We will keep you posted about its publication.


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