Yes, indeed! Gotta keep that body moving! This old adage applies now more than ever: “If you don’t use it, you lose it. ” Lose what? Muscle tone, strength, flexibility, bone strength, and balance. “Motion is lotion,” I’ve heard it said.

I make exercise a top priority, along with healthy macrobiotic cooking. Here’s what I do several times a week to keep things well “lotioned.”  And you can do it too!


If it's not raining, I get myself out to my local Greenway or Park, and you can too, if you're lucky enough to have one nearby. I can gauge my time and distance because I know that I walk a 20 minute mile. It helps me keep track! This is useful knowledge, but not necessary. Many people own a Fitbit that gives you all kinds of information on your walking and it is handy, but not necessary. Because I have some osteoporosis, I have a weight vest that I put on to help build my bones. This also is very useful, but not necessary, unless you have some osteoporosis. Some carry weights or strap on light weights on their ankles or wrists.

Have a good pair of walking shoes that you only use for this activity. Then get out there and WALK. As your condition dictates, put some power behind your steps for maximum benefit. Enjoy the sounds of the birds, trees, or water if you're lucky enough to be along a river. And if you don't live near a park, you can walk around your neighborhood. Take in what's around you - notice things you have never noticed before. It's amazing how much we miss driving by in a car.

Some people listen to podcasts or music while walking. BREATHE!!! Find a walking buddy to join you. A supportive friend goes a long way in getting yourself out. This is all so good for you!!!


There are many exercise websites that have numerous videos that are easy and FUN to follow  in your own home any time you wish. Online exercises run the gamut: Chair yoga, floor yoga, Tai Chi, strength training, dancing, balance, cardio exercises, and more. For those of you who are on Medicare, call your provider and see what exercise program and even gym membership they offer and join it – usually at no cost. Humana is my provider and they offer “Silver Sneakers.”

Before Covid, I went to a gym facility that offered Silver Sneakers classes. But now I go to and choose from any of the exercises mentioned above at any time of day or evening. I am guided by an online Certified Silver Sneakers instructor and choose from a 20 minute to a 45 minute session, depending on what I want. I love it and am so grateful that it's offered.

REMEMBER, if you don't use it, you lose it. And that's the truth!!!! “MOTION IS LOTION!" So get moving!!! Enjoy the process and you will REALLY enjoy the benefits!!! Here's to a healthier and fitter NEW YOU!!!

In Friendship and Fitness,

Note: If you are interested in living in Asheville in a macrobiotic “Home Share” arrangement, contact Marcia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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