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Summer is the season of the heart. It is the time when this vital, powerful organ gathers its greatest healing energy. During the intense heat of summer, our heart is  energized, yet most susceptible to injury. We can nourish our heart with healing foods, as well as the emotions of love and joy. In this newsletter we will present: Part I, of our Healthy Heart Living.

We also discuss how emotions affect the heart. Though we strive to live our lives in a positive mindset, we have both of course, experienced heartache and sadness, which is a natural human state. In our lives, dear friends and family members have died, leaving us in sadness and shock. We felt the same emotion at the tragic passing of John Denver, a student and friend, whom we honor with his favorite song of the memories of love.

Death/Passing/Transformation is a natural part of the cycle of life. You may experience heartache as well. The heart is the organ of love and happiness, emotions of health that bring peace to our mind and to our world. If you are in grief, be kind and patient with yourself. In your own time, a deeper wisdom may develop in your heart center that will guide you to a realization of the beauty and miracles of life and the infinite energy of our spirit.   


 Heart Heathy Living
 John Denver’s Favorite Love Song
 Recipes for a Healthier and Happier Heart
 Why Wait to Be Happy? Book Review
 A Tribute to Warren Kramer

Jane and Lino Stanchich
An Introduction
Our heart, miraculously, beats on its own in the center of our chest, between our lungs. This vital, muscular organ holds our deep reverence, protects us with alarm signals, and if healthy, circulates our blood well, holds our emotions, and sustains us throughout our life. We, in America, speak of the heart in our words of love, loyalty, dedication, and depth of emotion. "I love you with all my heart." is an example. America is truly the “Heartland,” a country of historic generosity, as the poem etched on the Statue of Liberty states, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” 

With all these heartfelt feelings, our health and our hearts are in peril in the modern worldHeart Disease is the #1 cause of death in America and throughout the world. Over half a million (approx. 610,000) Americans die each year from Cardio-vascular diseases (heart attack, stroke, and more.) That is 1 in 4 deaths. In this first installment of Heart Healthy Living, we provide sound and simple teachings that are time-honored, scientifically supported, and common sense. In our August newsletter, learn the warning signs of serious heart distress. 

Be prepared to prevent disease! In our heart health research, one fact is repeated over and over:
Up to 90% of Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases
are largely preventible. 
Lancet 388/Circulation 117
Practice these basic lifestyle and dietary recommendations and share with loved ones:

 1. Reduce saturated fats - learn about delicious plant/vegan foods.
 2. Adopt a high fiber diet-  the Mediterranean or Macrobiotic Diet is ideal.
 3. Consume plenty of organic vegetables, whole grains, beans/legumes,         and fruits. (US Department of Agriculture)
 4. Decrease body fat if overweight by reducing dietary
     cholesterol, processed foods and refined sugar foods. 

 5. Get ample exercise daily (Minimum is 30 minutes 5 times a week.)
     More is better!
 6. Practice methods of calming relaxation and deep sleep.
 7. Stop Smoking! (Reduces heart risk by 35%)
 8. Limit alcohol consumption, but stay hydrated with water!
 9. Be educated about heart disease prevention. 
10. Manage/heal your depression, anxiety, stress and anger.
- Read and Share with Loved Ones 

Diet for a Strong Heart, Michio Kushi
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD

Reversing Heart Disease, Dean Ornish, MD
21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart, Neal Barnard, MD

While living in breathtaking Colorado, we met John Denver, the brilliant and compassionate poet, record-breaking musical talent and environmental champion, who sang with both operatic Placido Domingo and the Muppet’s Kermit the Frog. It is said that Elvis was the 50’s, The Beatles were the 60’s, and John Denver was the 70’s. John highly respected the ecological and healthful macrobiotic philosophy and way of life, presenting fundraising concerts for Michio and Aveline Kushi’s Institute.

On several occasions, Lino flew with John, who piloted his own plane through the snowy Rocky Mountains. I also vividly remember one time when John flew a vintage open air bi-plane to Tucson, Arizona, where Lino and I had established a macrobiotic center. John zoomed in, wearing the requisite long white silk scarf, to picnic with us. He looked like a dashing film legend. And was!

Millions of fans worldwide still cherish John’s beloved songs. He is the only musician who has composed two official US State songs - for West Virginia and Colorado. This extraordinary man, Windstar Conference Founder, and award-winning artist, departed this world too soon, as have other dear friends, leaving us with heartache and poignant memories. 

John said that this song, “Perhaps Love” is “ the best song I ever wrote.” One could sing it as a lullaby. The lyrics are below. John, who had personal troubles as we all do, truly understood the pains and joys held by the heart.
“The memory of love will see you through…”


Lyrics to "Perhaps Love" - John Denver

Perhaps love is like a resting place, a shelter from the storm.
It exists to give you comfort, it is there to keep you warm
And in those times of trouble when you are most alone
The memory of love will bring you home.

Perhaps love is like a window, perhaps an open door
It invites you to come closer, it wants to show you more
And even if you lose yourself and don't know what to do
The memory of love will see you through.

Oh, love to some is like a cloud, to some as strong as steel.
For some a way of living, for some a way to feel.
And some say love is holding on and some say letting go
And some say love is everything and some say they don't know.

Perhaps love is like the ocean, full of conflict, full of change
Like a fire when it's cold outside or thunder when it rains.
If I should live forever and all my dreams come true, my memories of love will be of you.
Healing Foods Especially for the Heart in the Summer. 
 Whole Grains: Long-Grain Brown Rice, Millet, Barley, Quinoa, Corn      Tortillas, Corn Grits-Polenta
 Chickpea Pasta, Quinoa-Brown Rice Pasta
 Beans, All, especially Chickpeas
 Bean Products: Tofu, Tempeh 
 Dark Leafy Greens - Dandelion Greens 
 Corn on the Cob
 Sea Vegetables
 Salads and Cole Slaw
 Fresh Mushrooms
 Olive Oil
 Peppermint - Fresh and Dried
 Fresh Summer Fruits, Berries, Melons
 Edible Flowers and Green Herbs
 Chickpea Miso
 Lightly Spiced Foods
 Room - Temperature or Warm, NOT COLD Water 
 Avoid: Meat, Poultry, Dairy, Eggs, Fried or Deep Fried Foods, Greasy or Overly Salty Foods, Icy Cold Foods and Drinks, Processed Foods, Hydrogenated Fats

In America’s Heartland grows a food perfectly suited to heal the heart….corn! Organic, non-GMO corn - on the cob or as grits or tortillas, is soothing and strengthening to the heart. Fresh, quickly boiled corn on the cob is a summer delight. A carb, yes, but so are whole grains, greens, beans, and vegetables, eaten abundantly by the world’s longest-lived peoples, according to The Blue Zone Diet by respected researcher, Dan Buettner. These complex carbs have high fiber, are cleansing to the cardio-vascular system, intestines, and colon. They also reduce cholesterol. 

Stock up on fresh corn to put into morning porridge, corn bread, soups, and salads. Boil up some corn on the cob and eat with a smear of ume paste or zesty vegan spread. Make our easy and scrumptious Italian favorite, corn grits, called “Polenta.” Also, try our friend Trena’s supreme Southern Cornbread, baked in a cast iron skillet, to enjoy plain or with raspberry jam or tahini spread. Corn is one of life’s great joys! These two recipes will bring a smile to your face and enhance your inner happiness as they help heal your heart this summer! 

Polenta is very popular in Italy. We once watched Italian women cook polenta and take turns stirring their corn grits into a silky delight served with mushroom gravy. Polenta is making a come-back in gourmet restaurants, kitchens, and magazines. Serve with red sauce, gravy, or as a dessert with preserves or cooked fruit. In this recipe, I give you optional ways to make your polenta even more delicious and colorful! We enjoy it in our home about every week! Manga!! Manga!! 


Golden, cake-like cornbread is one of the South’s delicious staples savored the whole year through. This is one of the best recipes, created originally by Trena Barnes, primo chef of the South! You and your family will love it. I prepare it in a cast iron skillet. It is totally organic, vegan, gluten-free, and scrumptious! In my recipe I include many optional ideas for toppings and sauces. Enjoy, Ya’ll!  

WHY WAIT TO BE HAPPY? Recognizing and Releasing the Issues that Weight Us Down 
by Rebecca Gurland

We all want to feel happy. It is a goal and even a right in our US Constitution: “…the pursuit of happiness.” Why Wait to Be Happy? This is the title of Rebecca Gurland’s newest book, yes, a self-help book, but more…. a clear and wise guide to greater physical well-being, dietary balance, emotional stability, and yes, true joy of life. It is packed with many beneficial and empowering lifestyle and dietary recommendations.

Rebecca's insightful and well researched ideas for honest self-inquiry take us through questioning, journaling, and ultimately self-transformation. Rebecca shares many gifts in this book, including deeply inspiring quotes by world leaders who share their wisdom and encouragement. This book is not only about attaining happiness, but also health, success, and love. 

Why do we put off doing what we know will make us happier, healthier, more satisfied with our lives? Explore why we want to lighten up and be happy and why the goal is so difficult! How can we recognize our emotional blocks and take the steps to release them? Rebecca gives us excellent advice.

Within these pages are ideas to guide you on your journey to a happier, healthier life by recognizing and releasing what is holding you back from reaching your goals. Using the methods, techniques and suggestions in this book, you will find your own answers - those which are the keys to realizing greater happiness. Get this book asap and discover your truest potential….and yes, happiness!

Warren, you were profoundly dedicated to helping others with your counseling and teaching. We loved your spirit, friendship, and humor. You were one of the kindest, most intelligent, and active teachers of macrobiotics in the world. May you be in peace now - in Infinity. Your spirit and knowledge will live on in the hearts and minds of the many who loved and respected you. Warren, you truly strove to create a more healthy and peaceful world…and you did.

If we want to truly honor Warren, let's spread his teachings, wisdom, and spirit, especially to young people, and share his knowledge and recipes, keeping his teachings alive!

To honor Warren's commitment to education, the family invites, in lieu of flowers, contributions to support Warren's son Adam's education. Until a formal fund is established, contributions be made through Warren Kramer's Venmo @Warren-Kramer or checks payable to Fatim on behalf of Adam Kramer. 
Notes of condolences may be sent to: 
Fatim and Adam Kramer
28 Perthshire Road
Brighton, MA 02135


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As always, we want to thank Leslie Simon for her fine editing and advice and to Debi Athos for her expert skills with computer and graphics. 

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