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Autumn’s colorful beauty surrounds us, as does the energizing vitality of cooler, refreshing air. In this most challenging year, our deepest gratitude goes out to those who serve others, as medical personnel, first responders, and essential workers, who care for the ill and a promote a just and peaceful America. The pandemic continues worldwide and our national election draws to a conclusion soon. In the midst of great uncertainty and concern, may you and your loved ones find deeper communication, renewed health and a deeper sense of purpose and joy of life. 
And may our country realize healing, unity, and understanding…for we are all in this together. 

In this, our Autumn newsletter, you will find reason to celebrate and nurture yourself and your family. Discover yummy seasonal recipes, comfort foods, and healthy Halloween treats that are fun to prepare. Read our Deep “Blissful” Sleep Lifestyle for well researched and time-honored methods to achieve the essential and healing benefits of a really good night’s sleep. Enjoy life in all its dynamic aspects, la bella vita!
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Cooking for a Harvest of Joy and Health 
by Jane Q. Stanchich 

Cooking is the art of life. Taking the time to prepare organic, whole foods from the Earth is one of the most life-affirming acts one can do to create and sustain good health. Cooking is a beautiful combination of nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit and eating, while fun and sensual, is truly a spiritual practice. 

When we make the decision to eat foods that best nourish us and lovingly protect our Earth, we are attuning to the harmony and power of Nature. Our bodies can then achieve greater wellness and balance in each season. 

It is now Autumn, the season in which the Earth gives us a profound and beautiful gift of life: a bounty of health-giving grains, beans, and vegetables to nourish and sustain us through the coming winter. As we give ourselves and our loved ones these wholesome foods, we may truly enjoy, savor, and appreciate their goodness. 

Autumn days are now becoming more chilly and crisp. We observe the leaves changing from green to gold and red, deepening in color, becoming dry and falling from the trees. Golden sweet squash and pumpkin add to the harvest abundance. We can begin to prepare our bodies for storing up greater warmth and strength through the foods we select and the manner in which we cook. Read more…

Love and Gratitude to my amazing genius of a husband, Lino, who saved my life by introducing me to the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle and has brought me great joy and fulfillment in this adventure of life ~ Motto: “Never a dull moment!”

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© Jane Q. Stanchich 
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Creamy, golden, savory, and delicious- any time of the year, especially Autumn. Watch the red lentils turn golden, cooked with healing golden millet. This grain is healing for the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. Therefore, this soup is excellent for blood sugar levels, helping to balance diabetic symptoms, and promotes good digestion! 


© Jane Q. Stanchich 

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Creamy Risotto is a beloved Italian comfort food and is an international gourmet favorite. Adding small cubes of autumn’s sweet winter squash, such as kabocha, buttercup, or butternut, takes risotto to a whole new level of sweet flavor and health! This is the recipe for authentic risotto, allowing the cook or cooks (in Italy, friends and family take turns stirring,) to lovingly incorporate the broth, creating a “stirring,” deeply satisfying dish.

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In GO VEGAN, Marlene’s latest book, this recipe jumped out at us for a great Halloween Treat the kids can help prepare! Easy, simple, and delicious! Enjoy.  CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE>

See Marlene's book review, Go Vegan below.

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Organic Chef Tom's
Vegan Carob Brownies

Tom and Debi Athos are dynamic health food advocates and dear friends here in Asheville, NC. This recipe is their yummy creation!  


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(ONLINE VIDEO) by Jane Q. Stanchich

You and your family will enjoy this delicious vegan entree for your holidays! Learn from international teacher, Jane  Stanchich, step-by-step how to prepare a large TERRIFIC TOFU TURKEY with Savory herbed Stuffing and Mushroom Gravy. Serves 15-18. Your whole family will "gobble" it up. Tofu is high in protein and proven to be disease preventive. (PCRM.org) BUY HERE >


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(DOWNLOAD) by Jane Q. Stanchich

Jane’s HEALTHY HOLIDAY COOKBOOK is filled with many delicious holiday dishes from soup to dessert. My Terrific Tofu Turkey and Healthy Holiday Cooking make perfect gifts. Download, Book, or DVD available. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD >

Call Jane and Lino if you have any question: 828-299-8657

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In our last newsletter of early Autumn, 2020, we detailed the foods to eat and also avoid to create deeper sleep.  Oh yes, our diet directly and profoundly affects our moods, habits, relaxation levels, and sleep quality. In this article we discuss Part I of The Deep Sleep Lifestyle: Habits to Create Sound Sleep.

All day long we set ourselves up for either tension and insomnia or calm, relaxed sleep. From the time we awaken, we are programming ourselves, exercising ourselves, nourishing ourselves, and too often exposing ourselves to caffeine, stress, anxiety, electronic devices, news bombardment, and chemicals. For optimum health, our daily lives need to be balanced, organic, and revitalizing. And they can be! Read more…

Sleep Well and Be Well!


by Suzanne Rosoff

Suzanne Rosoff’s book, THEREFORE, CHOOSE LIFE is wonderful! This unique and uplifting memoir has captured my heart with Suzanne’s rare honesty, strength of soul, and pure humor. We have known Suzanne for over thirty years, going back to the dynamic Miami Macrobiotic Foundation of Florida. What a women! And what a writer! If you love stores about women who triumph over the adversity and insanity of life and over the male-dominated world, read this book.  

In Therefore, Choose Life, I laughed with her and cried with her. I felt heart-wrenching empathy for Suzanne as she suffered abuse, divorce, and poverty. I have celebrated with her in the captivating stories of strength, fortitude, faith in her son, Paul, and her transformation into a powerful, self-actualized woman. It is a book of humor and hope. I recommend you get a copy soon and share as a gift! Here is how to read Suzanne’s blog and order her book: suzannerosoff.life.


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by Marlene Watson-Tara

GO VEGAN by Marlene Watson-Tara, is a must for everyone who is vegan or aspires to eat consciously, ecologically, humanely….and super deliciously. Connect with Marlene’s energy, savor her knowledge, cook with her, learn international macrobiotic-whole food-vegan classics with her special pizzazz! The gorgeous photographs inspire us to be more healthful, creative, and lively in our cooking. Marlene inspires us to put our eco-philosophy where our mouths are…eating conscious foods. Her meals bring freshness, color, and fun to the family table once again. 

Marlene, an exuberant native of Scotland and dedicated animal lover, is wife and partner to famed macrobiotic educator, author, and counselor, Bill Tara. What a team! They conduct international online seminars, too. Bill adds vital perspectives to the book in his chapter, “Human Ecology Diet: Nutrition for the Future.” They both bring inimitable passion and purpose to world health and ecology through food choices. This is a scrumptious feast of a book. Share GO VEGAN with loved ones as a holiday gift… “I’m Dreaming of a Vegan Christmas”…. What could be better for us and for the planet?
Visit: macrovegan.org 
Order Marlene’s book here and be well! 



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5. The Power of Being Grateful

Wishing you, your family, loved ones, and all American and World citizens peace, patience, understanding, and healing in these most challenging times.

Sending out love to you~
Jane and Lino

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